iOS Failure to Inov8!

Following up on a previous article that I wrote a few weeks ago, I am sad to say it was not a fad, nor was I have a fling with my Windows8 Phone. My feelings were genuine and the innovation is clear. Back up that innovation with Apple’s recent release where they clearly fail to inov8 and even have been compared to the Windows phone and I am sure I am not the last techie to migr8!


What will it take in the coming months for Apple to find that top spot on the podium? WP8 is GR8, but it too is lacking. A different kind of lacking, one where developers are clearly behind—are the developers too cautious to jump ship, and want to stay close to the mother load “over 1 billion downloads” that is iTunes? I would! I tried to download the latest iOS game “Running with Friends” and all I could find in the Windows Store was “Running with Knives” really? Is the gap between W8 and iOS so big that not even Zynga will take part? Maybe with the new CEO Don Mattrick from Microsoft that will change! 


What about the hardware? My phone is a brick, it reminds me of the Nokia I had back in the day… Oh, it is a Nokia—Not much has changed there. And where is Samsung in all of this? Paying royalties to it’s competitor Goggle! Samsung comes out with a dual phone? WOW! Not that is “all in” and really taking advantage of innovation. 


With Apples rotten interface, failure to squeeze innovation out of the company and the inability to see out of the crate, it is clear why Windows8 is a juicy alternative!


The Key Word

The Key Word
Java_DotNet_Brilliant_TeamPlayer_Leader_Mentor_USC_MIT_ or Recruiter.

The golden age of technology is here and here to stay. We use technology for everything; dogs have built in GPS these days. I for one, sure am glad my dog can’t text or else she would have blown up my phone when I missed her dinner last weekend!

How does technology help your job search? Most companies hire through their website and maybe a HR department. They do resume searches based on keywords. This may be beneficial if you are psychic and can predict which word will be used, but probably not. While it is in your best interest to tailor each resume to the specific job you are applying for, making sure your skills and experiences are in-line with the job requirements. I am in no way suggesting you add a small glossary or index of IT terms at the conclusion of your document.

This best way to identify possible IT job matches here in Las Vegas, Phoenix or Austin is through an IT Recruiter. Find someone that specializes in Information Technology and has a good pulse on the market. Give me a call! I have a team that can point you in the right direction.

“Right for the client, right for the candidate… Everytime!”

Have a Great Day, I would love to hear from you!

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The Title of this BLOG is Confidential.

After you figure out who I am, and how to contact me , please help me find a new opportunity. You can reach me at 123-555-1212.

Technology Recruiting in Las Vegas is already challenging, and you are not doing yourself any favors by making it a bigger challenge for a recruiter to get in touch with you. Putting an incorrect number on your resume or post is not the best idea. I for one, think it is a waste of your’s and my time and more than likely will not try to contact you.

Why are you trying to hide the fact that you are unhappy in your current role at your current company? Why do you feel like you have to hold back information? The recruiting process is much like a courtship, a relationship building process that involves giving and gaining trust between candidate and recruiter. A confidential resume is not that.

A better approach might be a brief summary of your background; .NET Engineer, Java Developer, MYSQL DBA, CCNA, CCIE, or whatever your current skill set is and certifications you have, along with any major accomplishments AND your current contact information.

Having “a profile” online, doesn’t mean you are looking for a new opportunity and want to leave your current position; it does mean you are an open networker in your market and you are informed and approachable. A much better first impression!

Have a great day!

Keith Bailly,
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Top Interview Mistakes

I read an article that talked about the most common interivew mistakes made by candidates. The survey polled hiring managers, and these are a few of the results:

Little or no knowledge of the company: 38%
Unprepared to discuss skills and experience: 20%
Unprepared to discuss career plans, goals: 14%
Lack of eye contact: 10%
Late arrival: 9%
Limited enthusiasm: 9%

I don’t understand why most people dont spend the time to properly prepare for the interivew. One of the biggest mistakes that I see, is that candidates think they have “it in the bag” and just dont take the time.

Don’t be “a waster” take the time do your research, be prepared, arrive on time and dress to impress!

Take Care,




“The Fool, or the Fool that hired the Fool!”

Social Intelligence & Responsibility

Aside from The Winklevoss’ I think just about everyone enjoys a Facebook account. In fact I read more Americans have a Facebook account than a passport. So with all this collaboration and information sharing what does that do to the line between private and personal? I for one am torn between wanting to reach out and reconnect with past friends from school and growing up to being afraid of what I might find out and open up. It could be the beginning of the classic tale of “Pandora’s Box”? I mean, right not all of our friends grew up to be responsible parents or pillars of their community. It takes all types to run a village, and I get that.

But, now that the Federal Trade Commission has decided that companies that research how you spend your personal time and what your passions and hobbies are do not violate your privacy, and basically calling the Internet “fair game”. Are you concerned? You should be!

Do you really want your future manager or coworkers knowing that when you are not at work, you dress up and participate in “full enactment Dungeon & Dragons”, or that you are a “card carrying member of the…”. You think it is your choice and your right, but it is also my responsibility and the HR’s department’s job to do their due diligence and scour the Internet for any reason not to hire you. And that is not fair. What is even worse, is the potential, unexpected damaging post or pictures your friends or family members can share of you doing “The Full Monty”, or some other fun photo.

The point is,  as recruiters and hiring professionals, if we don’t utilize every resource at our disposal, and we do hire incorrectly who is to blame? The fool, or the fool that hired the fool?

But careful what you put out there.

I am just saying…



I can’t tell you how many times, I am about to send an introductory email to a potential candidate and ask myself? Really is this person that unprofessional? How is this person going to interview? Will she show up in a mini skirt? Will he be wearing shorts and flip flops? Hmmm, do I even bother or just move on?

I get that you have a “cute” email address that reflects your lifestyle, and maybe a matching vanity plate, that is ok.  BUT, do you really want to lead that legacy into your job search?  I don’t think so. Rather than or why not a professional email address to match your professional demeanor.  One that either reflects your line of expertise or name? or or even!


I am just saying….



When it’s Time to Change

My boss is a jerk, he thinks I am a tool and doesn’t appreciate me!
Let’s hope that is not the case, but if you are wanting to leave your current company and are looking to make a change, why? What are the reasons to move on to a new role that should not leave you feeling like you are abandoning your team, manager or even company.

When it’s time to change, then its time to change

Don’t fight the tide, come along for the ride, don’t you see

When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange

who you are into what you’re gonna be….

Peter Brady and the other kids were on to something. Change is good, and it fosters growth, but be sure you are leaving for the right reason, and don’t get stuck in the same situation in different cubicle!

Make sure you find a good recruiter, someone that will take the time to get to know you and your needs and what you are looking for in a career. There are many agencies that can help you find a job, fewer that can help you with your career, and even less that will not treat you like a “One and Done”.

For sure the best reason to give for quitting a job is that you’ve found a new one, one that will allow you to take on new challenges and expand your career, and maybe put a little more cash in your pocket. Remember when you tell your boss you are leaving, be aware of the counter offer, or as I have called it Career Suicide.

Other factors that might contribute to you wanting to make a change could be: you feel you are under paid, your co-workers or managers are difficult to work with, un-flexible hours, or lack of training. Maybe you are on a contract and found fulltime work, or maybe you are relocating. These are all great reasons to change, just remember to communicate to your recruiter, and when you decide to resign, do it quickly and don’t consider a counter offer.

Change is good folks!
Have a great Friday!