Top Interview Mistakes

I read an article that talked about the most common interivew mistakes made by candidates. The survey polled hiring managers, and these are a few of the results:

Little or no knowledge of the company: 38%
Unprepared to discuss skills and experience: 20%
Unprepared to discuss career plans, goals: 14%
Lack of eye contact: 10%
Late arrival: 9%
Limited enthusiasm: 9%

I don’t understand why most people dont spend the time to properly prepare for the interivew. One of the biggest mistakes that I see, is that candidates think they have “it in the bag” and just dont take the time.

Don’t be “a waster” take the time do your research, be prepared, arrive on time and dress to impress!

Take Care,




One thought on “Top Interview Mistakes

  1. Holly says:

    In a time where unemployment is so high, it’s actually dumb-founding to think those are the things candidates are letting slide. Maybe high school oral and business communications courses need to be reinstituted into the required cirriculum. Fortunately, those things hiring managers are noticing amiss can be learned and practiced.

    Partner with a solid recruit in the pursuit of your next career opportunity–someone who’s going to be give constructive criticism and be upfront with you on what you need to improve on.

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