The Title of this BLOG is Confidential.

After you figure out who I am, and how to contact me , please help me find a new opportunity. You can reach me at 123-555-1212.

Technology Recruiting in Las Vegas is already challenging, and you are not doing yourself any favors by making it a bigger challenge for a recruiter to get in touch with you. Putting an incorrect number on your resume or post is not the best idea. I for one, think it is a waste of your’s and my time and more than likely will not try to contact you.

Why are you trying to hide the fact that you are unhappy in your current role at your current company? Why do you feel like you have to hold back information? The recruiting process is much like a courtship, a relationship building process that involves giving and gaining trust between candidate and recruiter. A confidential resume is not that.

A better approach might be a brief summary of your background; .NET Engineer, Java Developer, MYSQL DBA, CCNA, CCIE, or whatever your current skill set is and certifications you have, along with any major accomplishments AND your current contact information.

Having “a profile” online, doesn’t mean you are looking for a new opportunity and want to leave your current position; it does mean you are an open networker in your market and you are informed and approachable. A much better first impression!

Have a great day!

Keith Bailly,
Direct 702-823-0393
eFax 702-637-7273


2 thoughts on “The Title of this BLOG is Confidential.

  1. Holly says:

    The “confidential candidate” listing on sources has got to be one of my greatest pet peeves. 9 times out of 10, I will not click on the candidate even if the skills appear to initially match my query. Someone else out there really wants to be considered for my client’s Java Developer role and I won’t have to hunt through multiple sources to find his or her contact number.

    The recruiter-candidate relationship is built on trust, as is all relationships and keeping secrets from the beginning doesn’t bode well for the stability of the relationship in the future.

    Such a great blog topic! Thank you!

  2. What happened to the days when a resume had to be “perfect” in order to even get a foot in the door? An incorrect phone number, address, or even a mispelled name, on a person’s resume, boggles my mind. Double-check! Repeat if necessary and then pass it to a trusted friend to do a triple check, just in case something was overlooked. But definitely, make the effort to not be a “confidential candidate”.

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