iOS Failure to Inov8!

Following up on a previous article that I wrote a few weeks ago, I am sad to say it was not a fad, nor was I have a fling with my Windows8 Phone. My feelings were genuine and the innovation is clear. Back up that innovation with Apple’s recent release where they clearly fail to inov8 and even have been compared to the Windows phone and I am sure I am not the last techie to migr8!


What will it take in the coming months for Apple to find that top spot on the podium? WP8 is GR8, but it too is lacking. A different kind of lacking, one where developers are clearly behind—are the developers too cautious to jump ship, and want to stay close to the mother load “over 1 billion downloads” that is iTunes? I would! I tried to download the latest iOS game “Running with Friends” and all I could find in the Windows Store was “Running with Knives” really? Is the gap between W8 and iOS so big that not even Zynga will take part? Maybe with the new CEO Don Mattrick from Microsoft that will change! 


What about the hardware? My phone is a brick, it reminds me of the Nokia I had back in the day… Oh, it is a Nokia—Not much has changed there. And where is Samsung in all of this? Paying royalties to it’s competitor Goggle! Samsung comes out with a dual phone? WOW! Not that is “all in” and really taking advantage of innovation. 


With Apples rotten interface, failure to squeeze innovation out of the company and the inability to see out of the crate, it is clear why Windows8 is a juicy alternative!