So tell me about yourself…

Now is your chance. You have made it through the initial phone call and preliminary interviews and there you are sitting in front of, who you hope will be your next boss or manager and he says “So tell me about yourself”.

What do you do? Do you do what Ralphy on The Christmas Story does when he blares out “A Red Rider BB Gun!” and start rambling on and telling him everything you have ever done hoping to find some similar or common ground? I hope not.

It is my experience that this question, in some variation almost always gets asked at some point. We also know that the best pitches or rebuttals are canned and practiced, yet we never plan or rehearse for this question. Why?

So what do you say? Focus on the task, which is getting the job. Don’t think because you have made it this far you are a shoe in. Highlight your skills and achievements and what your value to the organization, or more specifically the team is. “ I really enjoy new technology and developing web apps using Silverlight”  

If you are asked about what you do outside of work, don’t go on about your softball team and how you can eat a large pizza and shotgun an entire pitcher of beer in swallow. Rather say “I enjoy playing organized softball and the camaraderie that comes with being on a team.”

Remember the question is designed to see how you fit in with the current workplace team or company culture.

Have a Great Day, Viva Las Vegas!

Keith 🙂


Ford, Chevy or Hyundai, it’s My Choice?

I have been shopping for cars lately, and I have to tell there are a lot of manufactures with many different models to choose from. The options seem almost endless.

Some of the cars are electric and a very agile, some hybrid models seem to be more mobile than others and there are still those giant 17 passenger legacy gas-guzzlers.

Can you imagine walking into a dealer and the sales person saying to you,

“So, you wanna buy a car! Well you’ve come to the right place kid! But first I need you to sign this piece of paper that says you will only buy a car from me! Don’t worry about all those other manufactures or models, I have the car for you!”

Who does that? More importantly, I can’t imagine being in the job market and signing a Non-Compete with a recruiter! I am flabbergasted, stupefied and blown away all at once! It sounds a lot like a used car salesman afraid of loosing business.

If anything, I would ask that you sign a compete agreement!

NOW, let’s be clear here. I am not saying I want you to work with every recruiter in town. I am saying find the best one that suits your needs, your culture and family. Find a recruiter you can trust with your career. Find a recruiter that takes the time to get to know you, understand your needs and more importantly doesn’t waste your time with opportunities that don’t make sense. You only need one!

The truth of the matter is we all work on the same jobs, with the same companies. Companies don’t normally lock themselves down to one agency, unless they have a contingency agreement in place.

The job market is heating up, if you are looking for opportunities be selective who you work with, try and work with quality, not quantity recruiters and I am sure you will land the right opportunity.

Signed, Keith Bailly 🙂

Have a great day!


You’re the Best, Don’t Go!

You have done your research, taken the phone calls, made it through the onsite interviews, “got grilled” by the team and met with HR. Finally, the offer. Now, all that is left is to tell your manager, or CIO.  What will they say?

What if you hear something like–

“Don’t go. You are the manager now. I have cash, prizes, new computers and extra vacation time for you. We love you. You are the best employee we have. The team is nothing without you. You are the glue that holds them together. Nothing gets done around here without you. You know that!”

It’s called the counter offer, or as I call it, Career Suicide.

Accepting a counter offer is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make during your career. The question you need to ask yourself is “If I am worth more money, deserve a better job, deserve more benefits or deserve more vacation time, why did I need to TRY to resign before my employer realized that!”

Your current employer will most likely fire you once the employer finds someone suitable to replace you. In other words, your employer only gave you a counter offer to keep you in place until they find your replacement!

Before you accept a counter offer, take a step back and think things through completely.

How does accepting a counter offer change the reasons you decided to look for a new job? Are things really going to change, now that you have a few more dollars in your pocket?

Probably not!
Have a Great Day Las Vegas!
KB 🙂


Just Reach Out and Touch Someone!

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in the presence of Jack Daly. Jack is a high energy, motivational, management, sales and general life speaker. Awesome guy. Man, he had some great ideas and gave me a lot of insight on some very basic things. Makes so much sense, I wonder why it’s not SOP in all organizations and in people’s life.

He drove home the importance of “touching” your clients, candidates, and contacts on a regular basis. Touch often, uniquely and make it relative to the individual.

For some reason I started to think about golf. Maybe because my golf pro friend is coming out to play next week and I haven’t “touched” a club in a year! What I was thinking was, that not very often do you shoot an “Ace”. Usually you finesse, or touch the ball down the fairway with several different “unique” clubs until you reach your goal.

In order to be successful and build quality relationships you need to be in contact often, with phone calls, emails, coffee or grinding golf balls, just reach out and touch someone!

Have a great Day World!
KB 🙂


Can we do it, YES we can!

My little 4 year old runs around the house singing what I think is the theme song from one of his shows, “Bob the Builder”. I often wonder if the shows he watches are of any value, or are they just pure entertainment. But when I step back and think about it,  if he takes away a positive “Can Do”attitude then he is already winning.

Right, it is easy to determine a person’s technical ability, there are aptitude tests, online benchmarks, or  employer’s can put you into a working scenario with your peers and will find out real quick about your knowledge and coding skills. But your attitude and personality, that is something you keep to your self most of the time. Mainting a positive attitude and having a good outlook on life and your career is for sure a huge asset, infact is your biggest. Without “attitude” we would all be a bunch of robots with the exact same skill set and no “soft skills”.  It is like what they say about a meal, “a bad meal tastes a lot better with good service” or even the opposite “A good meal can be ruined by horrible service”.

The bottom line is the same, it doesent matter if you are serving a meal, chatting it up at the water cooler, interviewing or even coding… by maintaining a positive “can do” attitude you make yourself a pleasure to be around and an asset to your organization.

Smile Las Vegas, your next job could depend on it! 🙂

Have a Great Day,



Interview Tips from a Recruiter

We all have interviewed, including myself. These are just some types or guidelines that I appreciate when conducting an interview.  Remembering these simple guidelines and practicing them may not ensure you get the job, but you will leave a favorable impression.

1)      Do your research, and be prepared

2)      Listen and engage in the conversation

3)      Ask questions

4)      Always ask next step

5)      Be sure to follow up and thank people for their time


I Play a Doctor on TV

When I am not on the phone or scouring through my network (of people) I enjoy working on motorcycles and turning wrenches with my boys.  Infact, I am in the process of completely restoring a Honda 1974 Mr50. I have everything torn down to the frame and am going to have the whole thing powder coated and then put it all back together, shiny, brand new. Or at least that is the plan.

But don’t hire me as a mechanic. I am not. There are trade schools professional go to where they learn the “technical aspect” of the job. They work on bikes during they day, and not with their kids. They don’t have to take a picture of every step in the process because they have done it before. Successfully. You would not pay me to work on your bike when you could hire a professional. Right?

Employers don’t want to hire people that “can do the job” or “that have done it at home”. In this market employers are hiring people that have actual working experience, professionals. Certifications are great, just make sure to have OJT too.

Jobs are starting to open up, please read the requirements and make sure you are qualified for the job you are applying.

Have a great Wednesday Las Vegas!

Who do you know? 🙂