“The Fool, or the Fool that hired the Fool!”

Social Intelligence & Responsibility

Aside from The Winklevoss’ I think just about everyone enjoys a Facebook account. In fact I read more Americans have a Facebook account than a passport. So with all this collaboration and information sharing what does that do to the line between private and personal? I for one am torn between wanting to reach out and reconnect with past friends from school and growing up to being afraid of what I might find out and open up. It could be the beginning of the classic tale of “Pandora’s Box”? I mean, right not all of our friends grew up to be responsible parents or pillars of their community. It takes all types to run a village, and I get that.

But, now that the Federal Trade Commission has decided that companies that research how you spend your personal time and what your passions and hobbies are do not violate your privacy, and basically calling the Internet “fair game”. Are you concerned? You should be!

Do you really want your future manager or coworkers knowing that when you are not at work, you dress up and participate in “full enactment Dungeon & Dragons”, or that you are a “card carrying member of the…”. You think it is your choice and your right, but it is also my responsibility and the HR’s department’s job to do their due diligence and scour the Internet for any reason not to hire you. And that is not fair. What is even worse, is the potential, unexpected damaging post or pictures your friends or family members can share of you doing “The Full Monty”, or some other fun photo.

The point is,  as recruiters and hiring professionals, if we don’t utilize every resource at our disposal, and we do hire incorrectly who is to blame? The fool, or the fool that hired the fool?

But careful what you put out there.

I am just saying…



One thought on ““The Fool, or the Fool that hired the Fool!”

  1. Holly says:

    You make an excellent point about how foolish it would be–especially in this age of technology-at-our-literal-fingertips–to not use all available resources to vet candidates. It’s pure smart business to cover all areas, especially potential gray matter. And people may very well cry ‘that’s not fair!’ but with all the media attention to questionable privacy practices by Facebook and focused marketing, we’d be idiots to believe we live in a fair world. As the old adage goes, when in doubt leave it out because if it’s out there, HR or a an IT sourcer will find it.

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